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Ice Cream Party

At Little Scoops, we believe parties are all about old fashion wholesome fun, not only for the kids, but also for the adults. A party at Little Scoops allows you to celebrate along with your kids, without having to worry about anything. Little Scoops handels everything from the set up thru the clean up.

Little Scoops is foremost a party place. Almost all locations also feature a old fashion styled ice cream parlor open to the public, serving our premium ice cream by the scoop.

During a Full party package, Partygoers are treated to a variety of interactive games all set to age-appropriate music and supervised by a staff of trained professionals.

Pizza and drinks are served at all full party packages with other food options available at your request. At every Little Scoops party, children get to make their own ice cream sundaes with many different colorful and tasty toppings.

We are sure you'll have a great time at your party and more importantly, your children will have even a better time. We truly work hard to make a special day for your little scoop.

Sundae Toppings


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